About company

About us
BeUS Production is founded by Mr. Chakkaparn Suwanik in 2011 with the aim of bringing the most stunning and spectacular live entertainment from around the globe to the eye of audiences in Thailand. Our passion and expertise in searching and deliberately selecting the best music and performances guaranteed by their popularity, the world’s best-selling records, and winning awards make BeUS Production is increasingly acknowledged in Asia. 

From the music legend “Herbie Hancock” , Sergio Mandes, the greatest 90’s boy band “Backstreet Boys” to the young talented Spanish boy band “Dvicio”. Recently, we proudly excite all Thai audiences with the world’s best magic performance in 21st century “The Illusionists- Live from Broadway 2016” which gains a massive success and positive feedbacks from people at large.
In addition, we specialize in Korean entertainment as we are the largest content provider of Korean series in Thailand which holding the licenses of over 66 hottest series since the inception in 2013.

Our achievement history is a trustworthy evidence to prove our professionalism and capability to host all sizes of events from the national to the world’s class level with the superior quality of production and management team.


Our vision and mission
Due to the influx of new talented performers in the entertainment industry, we have to constantly adapt ourselves and our strategies to cope with the currentmarket circumstance.

We strongly believe in our capability and uniqueness to gain trust and likeability from audiences at all ages. Therefore, we embrace our vision and mission as our commitment in order to provide the superior quality of entertainment in Asia.